Coffee-Cup to Taste in All Bookstores

Coffee-Cup to Taste he's in all bookstores. After telling the whole story of coffee with the first book From Earth to Fincana, we discuss the taste point of coffee hitting our palates from the cup with the second book of the series. The book, which begins with the examination of coffee cultures, shares the original recipes of local coffees all over the world. In addition to traditional recipes of coffee as well as companion foods, 5 famous chefs of Turkey; Aydin Demir, Maria Ekmekçioğlu, Rafet Ince, Pelin Bilgic and Diler Terzi's book continues with special prescriptions. Coffee tasting cupping is the recipe of flavor with the subject. In the book you can also find Cenk R. Girginol's special tasting wheel and Turkish Tasting Form. Delicious and enjoyable readings...

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